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Monthly Dragon
Sean B. (Rochester, US)

I love how this is a monthly subscription, it's so hard to find Dragon Ball shirts that fit me properly & as long as they keep coming in Tall sizes, I'll gladly keep buying. Definitely wish we had some kind of choice, though, like maybe a "preferences" section, but other than that, I have no issues whatsoever. Absolutely love it 🖤

Monthly Dragon
Mark T. (Seoul, KR)
Great quality and creative designs

I love my shirts! The premium quality tee shirts are great and barely, if at all, shrink after washing. I get both Monthly Gamer and Monthly Dragon and like them both. I do wish we had a survey to filter preferences because I'm not a Goku fan and get plenty of shirts centered towards him.

Monthly Dragon
Alucard D. (Myrtle Beach, US)
Monthly Dragon and OUaT in general.

This company is amazing! Top shelf company in all aspects of business from product quality to shipping as well as customer service needs! They most definitely go above and beyond for their customers! I've included a screenshot of some of the shirts I have ascertained from them. The Capsule Corp. shirt is the first one I received from the monthly dragon and absolutely love it!

Monthly Dragon
Luis G. (Fayetteville, US)
Dragon Ball

This is the best shirt club for the latest and best Dragon Ball shirts.

Monthly Dragon
Gerardo E. (Chattanooga, US)
Love this idea and the shirts!

I was lucky enough to find this great company offering a really neat service. I am so glad that I signed up because I am so bad at going out and buying shirts and making a decision. This monthly shirt is exciting and gives me something special every month for a really reasonable price. I do hope that at some point we get more options for categories, but at the moment I am happy with my Monthly Dragon Shirt.

Monthly Legend
Sharr J. (Moberly, US)
Longstanding Fan

I've been subscribed for a few years now and have never regretted the decision. Each shirt is better quality and value than many of the shirts I've purchased at other popular retailers, and they're all wonderfully unique. I'm thrilled with each one I receive.

Monthly Companion
Tristen B.

I received my first companion shirt from you guys not long ago... I absolutely love Doctor Who! The shirt is very comfortable and very well made. Shipping is very fast as well, so thank you!

Monthly Companion
kristy (Ellsworth, US)
Amazing shirt

The quality of the shirt is great and love the design.

Monthly Companion
Amy (Connersville, US)
Great shirt

I've had one Companion shirt so far, and it fits perfectly. Super comfy with no shrinkage in the wash

Monthly Legend
Akash (San Jose, US)
So much more then I expected

This company is great. Brittany was very patient to work with me to answer my queries. I had more questions as this was really my first time switching to ordering clothes online from any store. But their clothes really live up to the mark and even go beyond it. I’m impressed and I’m excited to get every monthly package. They creatively themed a shirt that was nearing Christmas while keeping it a unique design. But most of all I really like their Zelda shirts. Just when you don’t think the shirts art can surprise you it does. I have bought a few hoodies and shirts at a higher price from their site that I really wanted so I was wondering if the quality would drop on these monthly ones because of the. Lower price but they are not at all! The quality is on par so definitely order, they will blow you away. I definitely recommend the monthly legend and dragon. I’ve seen a lot of ads for other businesses and gone through them but the quality of art on this website is just on a different level. I’m looking forward to future orders and I’m glad they are around!

Monthly Grab Bag
Akash (San Jose, US)
Monthly grab bag and Monthly Legend.

I was pretty pleased with my grab bag shirt. At first I was wondering if I should keep the subscription because I also have the normal subs like monthly legend, which I highly recommend. So with a lower price point I was like the quality may not be as good, but it was a good shirt! My first arrived as zero suit samus. As for the legend I got a very cool Zelda shirt. Very cool company, honestly the best when it comes to quality I have seen.

Monthly Legend
Jessica K. (Portland, US)

I loved my first shirt from this amazing subscription! I'm so happy I found month of the shirt! My first legend of Zelda shirt is so perfect, Halloween themed in perfect time for Halloween! I'm very impressed! Thank you month of the shirt!! I can't wait for my next shirt!

Monthly Grab Bag
Hilary M. (Columbus, US)
Love It!

Purchased this as a gift for my husband. The first shirt we received was for the new Zelda game on Switch. Even though we don’t have a switch, my husband still loves the Zelda games, and said it’s one of the most comfortable and durable shirts he has. The design/artwork was pretty bada** too. We’re both excited to see what the next one will be!

Monthly Grab Bag
Stef (Rhinelander, US)

A few years ago my mother gave this subscription to my son. He has been getting it for a few years and always loves the variety and unique shirts that no one else has at school. I finally broke down and go the random grab for a year for myself as a birthday present. My first shirt arrived last week and I like mine as much as I liked his, I look forward to the future shirts!

Monthly Dragon
Kelsey M. (Cleveland, US)
Love it

Love the shirts, love the service, love the staff !(and I have never met them) keep doing what you're doing guys! Please dont ever change a thing! whoever drew me that picture. Thank you <3

Monthly Grab Bag
Brandon (Wichita Falls, US)
Great Shirts

All the shirts are great and fit well(though I had to go up a size)

Monthly Grab Bag
Michele P. (Statesville, US)
Month of the shirt

I absolutely love all these shirts. Amazing quality and love the graphics. My kids and husband love them just as much. I'll definitely keep buying and sending people to you.

Monthly Gamer
Adam (Little Falls, US)
Youth Sizes!

This is one of the very few t-shirt subscription services that provide youth sizes. I got the gamer subscription for my youngest son and he has been overjoyed with the shirts he’s received so far; some truly awesome designs.
Month of the Shirt is the best t-shirt subscription service I’ve tried out by a mile.

Monthly Grab Bag
C. (Tacoma, US)
New shirt day is the best day of the month

I love new shirt day. Once a month I receive a top quality mystery shirt. I have been a subscriber for about a year and have yet to get a shirt I don't like. They are the perfect weight. The graphics are sharp and last through the wash. I get compliments on them daily. New shirt day is my favorite day of the month !!!!!

Monthly Dragon
Angel (Lakeland, US)

I love The monthly dragon shirts because you never know what your gonna get, but you know its going to be awesome. I've been getting these for about a year and a half and never been disappointed. Love the shirts and the company, they do a great job, and I also have a sticker collection growing from the little knight dude.


My girlfriend looks forward to the Doctor Who shirt of the month. She opens the package like a kid on Christmas! (She isn't enthusiastic about being photographed)

Monthly Companion
Amanda (Covina, US)

The quality and artwork is fantastic! I enjoy getting my subscription each month.

Monthly Dragon
Brianna J. (Denton, US)
Best find of the last year!

A friend actually told me about this, and it’s been on of the highlights of my year! The unique and fun designs are a joy to receive, and I love knowing that I now have something that not everyone has.
(I literally got free food because someone liked last months shirt so much!) so keep up the awesome work! And I can’t wait to see what next month brings.

Monthly Companion
Wade (Maple Shade Township, US)
Amazing wearable art

The quality of the shirt and the artwork is fantastic! I love having a collection of shirts that are so unique!

Monthly Fitness
David P. (Mesa, US)
Nerdy fitness

The day I saw that there was a nerdy fitness shirt I had to join. I had tried some of the other fitness shirts, but the art was not as good and all their shirts only came as 1 type. I love being able to get exactly the cut and style of short I want. The art is always amazing and people always ask me where I got my gym shirts at the gym. I am pretty sure I have gotten results from the super powers heroes on the shirts as well.

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