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Love It!

Purchased this as a gift for my husband. The first shirt we received was for the new Zelda game on Switch. Even though we don’t have a switch, my husband still loves the Zelda games, and said it’s one of the most comfortable and durable shirts he has. The design/artwork was pretty bada** too. We’re both excited to see what the next one will be!


A few years ago my mother gave this subscription to my son. He has been getting it for a few years and always loves the variety and unique shirts that no one else has at school. I finally broke down and go the random grab for a year for myself as a birthday present. My first shirt arrived last week and I like mine as much as I liked his, I look forward to the future shirts!

Love it

Love the shirts, love the service, love the staff !(and I have never met them) keep doing what you're doing guys! Please dont ever change a thing! whoever drew me that picture. Thank you <3

Great Shirts

All the shirts are great and fit well(though I had to go up a size)

Month of the shirt

I absolutely love all these shirts. Amazing quality and love the graphics. My kids and husband love them just as much. I'll definitely keep buying and sending people to you.

Youth Sizes!

This is one of the very few t-shirt subscription services that provide youth sizes. I got the gamer subscription for my youngest son and he has been overjoyed with the shirts he’s received so far; some truly awesome designs.
Month of the Shirt is the best t-shirt subscription service I’ve tried out by a mile.

New shirt day is the best day of the month

I love new shirt day. Once a month I receive a top quality mystery shirt. I have been a subscriber for about a year and have yet to get a shirt I don't like. They are the perfect weight. The graphics are sharp and last through the wash. I get compliments on them daily. New shirt day is my favorite day of the month !!!!!


I love The monthly dragon shirts because you never know what your gonna get, but you know its going to be awesome. I've been getting these for about a year and a half and never been disappointed. Love the shirts and the company, they do a great job, and I also have a sticker collection growing from the little knight dude.


My girlfriend looks forward to the Doctor Who shirt of the month. She opens the package like a kid on Christmas! (She isn't enthusiastic about being photographed)


The quality and artwork is fantastic! I enjoy getting my subscription each month.

Best find of the last year!

A friend actually told me about this, and it’s been on of the highlights of my year! The unique and fun designs are a joy to receive, and I love knowing that I now have something that not everyone has.
(I literally got free food because someone liked last months shirt so much!) so keep up the awesome work! And I can’t wait to see what next month brings.

Amazing wearable art

The quality of the shirt and the artwork is fantastic! I love having a collection of shirts that are so unique!

Nerdy fitness

The day I saw that there was a nerdy fitness shirt I had to join. I had tried some of the other fitness shirts, but the art was not as good and all their shirts only came as 1 type. I love being able to get exactly the cut and style of short I want. The art is always amazing and people always ask me where I got my gym shirts at the gym. I am pretty sure I have gotten results from the super powers heroes on the shirts as well.

Awesome shirt

I love the great graphics and high quality of the shirts themselves. Love finding a new shirt with a saying or design that I absolutely love. Highly recommended

Love it!!

My faciance and I each do one of these monthly tshirt bags. He does the fitness one because he is a fitness instructor so I gifted it to him for a year on his birthday. I do the monthly grab bag and we always get so excited when our packages come! I'm not as familiar with anime so sometimes he tells me what my shirts are from haha! But I love the mashup shirts the best. I think so far my favorite has been a mashup of Dr.who and Labyrinth. I have worn that shirt so many times I had to make it a night shirt because it's half see through now from being in the sun so much! I love being surprised every month and I look forward to the life savers as well! Will be a customer for life and so will my fiance!

Once upon a tee is the best

I’m not a big fan of most grab bag subscription services but this one is well worth it. I’m always excited to see what new shirt comes in each month and they never fail to disappoint. Well worth the nominal cost for superb merchandise!

Great gift

Got this as a present from my boy friends. I am in love with the shirts!!! It’s like Christmas every month n the designs are awesome. I have gotten a lot of compliments.

Great stuff

Every month is a surprise, a lot of great shirts for a good price. I love everything about it, especially the small touches. The packaging looks like an NES, a new sticker each time, and a piece of candy. How can you turn down free candy, stickers, and an awesome new shirt every month?!

Great subscription

Love it. Love the shirts. I've even had people come up to me asking me where I got my shirt because it's so cool. I love having something of my favorite game series that's so unique and so well done. Big thanks to the artists behind these designs. Amazing quality.

Love it!!

Added this subscription to my gamer and legend subscription for my boyfriend because he's a big Dragonball Z fan and he absolutely loved the shirt and can't wait to get next month's!! And I've loved every shirt I've gotten so far!!! And get compliments and asked where I got them from all the time !!! Highly recommend any of the subscription!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!

Best Shirt Subscription!

I've had other subscriptions for shirts and gaming items and they've all had delivery issues, or never showed up, or in some cases, the quality wasn't good. Every single shirt I've gotten from MOTS has been awesome, fit well and I'm always excited to see what I get.


I’ve subscribed to other t-shirt, geek, and gaming services before, but have never enjoyed any of them as much as I enjoy getting my t-shirt from Month of the Shirt. I’ve been a subscriber for >6 months now and I have loved every single shirt I’ve gotten. What sets this services apart from some of the other geeky t-shirt companies out there is the quality of the designs - each and every shirt is unique and does the gaming universe it’s representing justice. The t-shirts themselves are also nice quality and are consistent from one month to the next (unlike some other subscriptions....not naming names!)

All in all, keep being awesome, Month of the Shirt, I love you.

Couldn't ask for a better susbcription.

I've been here since the beginning! I've subscribed to the Monthly Legend since 2014 and I couldn't be happier. I've gotten so, so many good shirts over the years. I added a photo of one of my favorites from a few years ago that I'm wearing tomorrow. Thanks for the great work! Keep it up!

Love my Monthly Grab Bag!

I've gotten the Monthly Grab Bag (two shirts a month) for the last eight months and I absolutely adore them. I didn't know if I could do this or not, but I sent the support team a message about requesting specific fandoms and they've done a really great job at finding designs that fit me well! I've yet to be disappointed.

Can we please get a Monthly Supernatural or Firefly subscription!?

I was hoping for more variety

I really wanted to try the monthly shirts and see the quality of them. I didn’t really want to be stuck with one style so I picked the grab bag. Anything I didn’t want maybe my son would like? The problem I’m having with the grab bag is that out of the 5 shirts 4 are black and 3 are almost the same, they are obviously from the same artist. I was just hoping for a variety of shirts. Otherwise the quality of the shirts are nice, the prints seem like they will stay on without cracking or peeling for a long time.

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